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About YOU

You are part of a growing wave of international investors coming to British Columbia to expand your existing business or start something new. You’ve done extensive research and learned the Canadian west coast has a growing economy with no shortage of great opportunities to invest capital.

You need a local expert. Someone who has been around the block a few times. Someone with working contacts in numerous industries. Someone who can create a personalized link between your office outside Canada and the new one you’re planning to build in Canada.

You have a vision for your business or investment but lack the right connections needed to get the ball rolling. Although the internet is a powerful tool in your preparation and decision making process, working with an investor landing service will give you invaluable insight and personalized guidance not found online.

About ME

There comes a time in every career when things need to change. Creating one of the first investment landing service consultancies in BC substantiates my affinity for creating unique businesses. Unlike most Vancouver area small business consultants, I’m not an Accountant. As a professional Industrial Designer I use creativity and lateral thinking to discover the path to success. During my career as a business owner I have used strategic creative thinking to seek out opportunities and then seize them.

British Columbia is known worldwide as a fantastic place to live. The region has a stellar reputation worldwide which helps to bring in significant foreign investment. Without getting into the numerous attractive characteristics that make BC the perfect place to launch a new business or invest in an existing one, it’s clear top talent is being lured to the area. I moved to BC as an “immigrant” from depths of Southern Ontario in 1995. This experience in getting myself established here has instilled a great deal of empathy for those who are considering a similar journey.


Business Portfolio

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