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Let me guess, you’re probably a Millennial. A frustrated over-educated and underappreciated employee determined to find something more rewarding. Or perhaps you’re a Gen X’er like me and thinking about a career do-over that puts you in charge of your future rather than a boss. In any case, attainment of financial freedom on one’s own terms is the most common motivation for starting a business. There are many good reasons to pursue your own corporation. A tax system that heavily favours the small business operator over the employee is another great motivator.

Based on the fact you’re reading this, you are presumably the entrepreneurial type that has an interest in working with someone that has attained hard-fought experience so you can learn those valuable lessons the easy way. That’s the kicker when using a small business consultant; their pain is your gain.

If one of your goals is to see your product associated with a major retailer, I can help you navigate that journey. If you need a fresh pair of eyes on a sales and marketing plan that needs a reboot, I can give you that other perspective and suggest related opportunities. Even better, If you don’t even have a business yet and need guidance on starting one, I would be very efficient in evaluating your objectives as well as your personal attributes to determine if you’re a good candidate to even be a business owner. Yes that’s right, not everybody should own and operate a company.

About ME

I’m an inventor, realist and a minimalist. I’m results-oriented and have no tolerance for BS. Unlike most Vancouver area small business consultants, I’m not an Accountant. As a professional Industrial Designer I use creativity and lateral thinking to discover the path to success. During my career as a business owner I have used strategic creative thinking to seek out opportunities and then seize them. This approach is highly underutilized while being one of the most powerful devices in the Entrepreneur’s toolkit.

It’s great to have fancy degrees hanging on your wall, but when pursuing a career of your choosing as a business owner, it will be your ambition, drive and attitude that trump all other prerequisites. No school will prepare you for the journey ahead like an experienced small business consultant can. I’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt.

I started my first business with barely any cash and a whole lot of ambition to better my lot in life. I have spent the majority of my professional years in low-tech industries. Consumer products that cater to sizable niche markets for durable home renovation goods have been my main focus in both Canada and the United States since the mid 1990’s.

I’m also a contrarian. I will always take the path less traveled as it’s the one with fewer competitors.

A Few Examples of my work

Product Portfolio

San-Ei Faucet
Store Fixtures
The Crescent Rod
The Ultimate Lock
The Ultimate Lock
Tylo Steam & Sauna

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